ENGAGEColumbia: Why Engage?

Our lives are full and we have barely enough time to catch our breath with: work piling up, going back to school, trying to finish that degree so you can get that payday, relationships that needs a little extra work,  friends, family…  how in the world are we going to add one more thing to our life.

EngageColumbia isn’t just another thing on the calender that you have to add to your life, EngageColumbia‘s mission is to help us live lives that are fulfilled and in relationship.

There is a difference between living a life maxed out and living a life that is fulfilling. Maxed out is pedal to the metal, trying to put out all the fires in our life, and working to make everyone happy around our. We end up feeling like we are juggling chainsaws and grenades while tightrope walking over the grand canyon. This is not the life God desires for us, God want us to live lives that give life, not take our life. Living a fulfilling life is living a life beyond just ourselves, its engaging our creator, engaging other people in our life, and its engaging our community. A Fulfilling life isn’t just running the rat race of life, its stopping to actually engage the world around us and soak up all that God has to offer.

So Why Engage?  becasue no matter where you are in life, no matter how heavy life may feel, or how awesome things are going… there is a place for you in our community as we seek to live fuller lives.

May you engage the peace in your life and have a blessed weekend.

+ Seth Gibson

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