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Pastor Jay Gamelin of Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Lexington S.C gives his perspective on the current situation of the church and reveals the clash between modernity and post modernity.

The State of the Church from Jordan Loewen on Vimeo.


This video is great and I wanted to post it so others can see and experience the conversation that is happening right now in God’s church. As I listened to Pr. Jay, I began to think about grade school and something my fellow classmates and I always looked forward to, no not field trips (yeah ok we loved those too), but Show and Tell.¬† Show and Tell a timeless activity in grade school, where you bring something that re-presents you to your class so that you can show it and then tell about it. You got to bring whatever you want to school and show your friends and classmates what was important to you and how that thing re-presented who you were and what you were about. We are taught at a young age to show first then tell and yet it seems the church, as a whole, has it backwards. It seems that some would rather talk it to death rather than do something about it and to add insult to injury we can not come to consensus on what IT is in the first place.

One of my professors in Seminary told our class “Preach the Gospel and tell them if you have to…” Meaning we are not to talk about or speak the Gospel, rather we are to live the Gospel out. Pr. Jay Gamelin in his new post said “we live in a post-modern world and worship in a modern Church”. The life of a Disciple has always been and continues to be less about the words we say and more about the life we live. (and yet here I am writing about it….. Hmmmmm… well that was deep…)

The idea of living your faith out in the world around you and re-framing your understanding of living a life on mission for God’s Kingdom is not new to God’s Church. In fact it is what the Disciples of Jesus, the 12, the 70 and the countless others that follow Christ, they dropped their nets, their daily toil, and follow God with their whole life. They surrendered the totality of their life to spreading the Gospel of Christ, most even to death. So it is a bit ironic when people refer to the movement¬† of living your faith out and spreading the Gospel of Christ as new or call it the emerging church movement… I call it the current and original movement of the church… It is no longer emerging, it is now and always has been! Jesus build the church upon the rock that is St. Peter that is living, breathing and constantly on the mission of spreading the Gospel of Christ by living a life that re-presented God in,with and through Christ Jesus.

We can either acknowledge that God’s formative and life giving hands are at work creating and breaking the Kingdom of God through NOW or ignore that God has, is, and will continue to be constantly creating and forming this chaos we call creation into the life-giving Kingdom God.

Does this video impact your faith-life ?

How do you live your faith ?

How do you re-present your God in this creation?

How might God be taking your chaos and breathing life into it to make it holy and good?



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