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We are the salt of the earth and a city on a hill shining for all to see… We are called to go out in the world and shine the light of Christ for all to see and feel!

Salth and Light OUT: Week 7

Do what you love and love what you do!

There are times and seasons in our life when we feel that we have nothing to give, our inspiration and creativity are in the toilet. It is is my belief that God did not create us to work ourselves to death or be bored out of our minds… Nor did He create this beautiful world to drain life from us… Rather creation is meant to inspire, fill, bless, and anoints our lives so that we are full of awe and wonderment of all that God has made… creation that inspires gives God glory for what he has made, creation that drains only points to a childish god who only wants suffering and submission.

This week we went to Utopia on Rosewood Drive in Columbia SC for open mic night. Last night, the blues and jazz music just sang to my spirit as God anointed my life with the beautiful music that was being played. The guitar and keyboard, drums and vocals… they all just came together to move me at my very core, to touch my soul and ignite my mind. All I could do was bask in the glory of God that flowed all around me as the music and song just washed over me. I realized that fruitful work comes from inspiration and inspiration comes from the Spirit and the Spirit is moving and creating all around us. But if we go through life running the rat race worried about the next project or task or list or whatever, we can miss the Spirit beckoning us to taste and see the creation all around us that sings glory to God all around us. Life is full of GOOD things to do… sometimes… We have to stop, pause, breathe, and inhale the beauty of creation, of song, of friends, so that we can do GREAT things. God reminds us we are created to work from rest, not rest from work…. Take a moment and do something you love…

How can you pause this week and let the Spirit wash over you….?

Walk in the neighborhood…?

Listen to music…?

Listen to the leaves rustle as the fall…?

Get a manicure or pedicure…?

Pray, Paint, Draw…?

Just take a moment this week and do something unexpected… Do something you love…

Let God anoint you!


Vision for Salt and Light OUT
Week 1: Authenticity Matters
Week 2: Storytelling Matters
Week 3: The Spirit Matters & Community Matters
Week 4: The week of random thoughts
Week 5: Face the Fear
Week6: Timing is everything!
Week7: Do something you love!


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