Redevlopment: The whole story

An Evening Reflection: Times and Seasons

The seasons are beginning to change and the colors of fall are popping up all around. Today, I noticed the trees around our home do not resist the cool air; they embrace it – their leaves change to bright and beautiful colors that enhance the world around them. Even during the cold winter months their branches will look bare and withered, they do not resist – rather they retreat, abide, rest, rebuild – they await the day when God calls them forth on that spring morn where color begins to dot the landscape and a season of new life, fruit, and flowers bloom to fill the air with a sweet fragrant smell. There may not be a “reason” for the season, but I firmly believe we are invited to taste and see God at work in the midst of our seasons, the highs and lows of life, the warm days of joy and the cold days of sorrow.

How do we embrace the season that we are in, make peace with the tide of change that is only natural in our life? I think making peace with our season is rooted deeply in trust. Do we trust that we can get through the dog days of summer with sun bearing down on our foreheads, do we trust we have enough to get through the coldest nights of winter, or the craziness of fall harvest and spring bloom. Do we trust that the cold of the winter will not be the end of the story; rather that spring will blossom… That God promises to call us all to a new day that is already dawning with new life, new hope, and new grace. Be vulnerable, embrace life – even the crappy days, run towards life and not away from it, God invites us into a full and healthy life – a life filled with times and seasons.

What season are you in?

How can you making peace with this moment and embrace the fullness of life?

Let us walk through the seasons of life together, in community, surrounded by love, grace, and trust. Peace be with you and blessings in this season of life. May God reveal to you his heart of grace in the midst of your season of life. And May you know that you are loved, valued, and blessed.

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