Article Re-post: Incentives to Decline: Why Some Churches Really Don’t Want to Grow


Great read and great perspective. Here is a portion of John Flowers and Karen Vannoy article in Ministry Matters (Ministry

“Your congregation has been in significant decline for years. Members acknowledge that something must be done to reverse the decline. Plans are discussed and official votes are taken to make church growth a top priority, but with few results. Nothing seems to gain traction. When growth is a priority but nothing happens, low-grade depression and lethargy inevitably follow.

The slow death of certain denominations has been charted by polls, study groups, seminaries, and think tanks. Countless sermons are preached, classes are taught, books are written, and consultants are hired, in order to revitalize congregations. Denominational executives establish committees, task forces and study groups. Conferences are held and encouragement is given lip service, while privately, everyone knows the sad truth: few congregations will ever reverse decline once they are in its grip. The money, time, and effort are better spent on starting new congregations, because the old ones seem incapable of rebirth.”

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Ministry Matters™ | Articles | Incentives to Decline: Why Some Churches Really Don’t Want to Grow.

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