Prized Possessions

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34 (NRSV)

Our most prized possessions tell a story about our life; loves near and loves lost, wins and losses, hopes dreams joys griefs sorrow wounds and scars. They can be windows to our heart and even our soul, because our most prized possessons can reveal so much about who we are, where we spend our time, and what we value in life. In my life the stuff I hold most dear are things that hold memories near and far, of grandparents, of parents and siblings, memories of joy and accomplishment, opportunities that I have taken, hopes realized and dreams missed…. 
Often I think how attached I am to these “things” and these things carry no real emotion they are mere paper and plastic, metal and wood, but their existence is emotion or so it seems. The item itself is an inanimate object, it has no capacity to carry emotion, however,  it’s presence bring to the surface the warm embrace of a dear loved one or a moment in time when the world was just right, or they gather dust giving me comfort because I know they are there. No I am no hoarder – please don’t look in there – or there! 

No, today I am just reminded that the value of our life really is isn’t in the things we collect or the stuff we have, the value of our life isn’t measured by how much stuff we have or how fancy that stuff is… No the value of our life is the lives that surround us, the people, friends, family, even the strangers that we meet each day. Yes these are the places of value, these are the memories to be made, shared, told and retold. Even the people in our life who have died, they invested in us, they loved us, cared for us… The value was transferred to our life – to share – to cherish – to steward. 

So, let today be the day you place your time and energy in having a valuable moment with someone you love and share a moment of grace with a friend or loved one, because unlike the trophy you have from third grade – that other person can love, bless, and share the moment with you. For all the leaders out there, your leadership isn’t valued by your accomplishments or plaques on the wall, the true value of your leadership is placed in, with, and through those you are currently investing, teaching, multiplying out.

Each day that we wake up, we should be reminded that we are prized possessions, beautifully handmade by our creator to steward the stuff of the world, but also to be connected to the unique and beautifully handmade people all around us. We are created to see value in people, not in things. 

Today invest in people, Today put value into another life, value you into your life, 

Today be reminded that you are Loved – Valued – and Beautifully made! 

God loves you! 

So, what is your most prized possession? 

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